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Select Team Tryouts & Team Formation

Welcome to the Kearney Soccer Club 2018 Tryouts & Team Formation!

Select Soccer is truly a sport that has year-round involvement, whether that is state league play in the fall and spring, indoor league/skills in the winter or tournament play in the summer.  Sometimes it is hard to know when one season starts and the other ends.  The start to the 2018-2019 soccer year occurs with the annual tryout/team formation process beginning in the month of June – the official start is August 1, 2018.

The Kearney Soccer Club is a primarily a single community soccer club - particularly at the younger ages (U11-U14).  Under normal circumstances we make every attempt to place interested players on one of our teams.  Each age group within our club differs in makeup - specifically in the number of players and teams involved.

Below is a brief description of our different age groups and the process that we use to form teams and place players in each particular age group. Select Program design and operation - including player placement - is conducted by the KSC Director of Coaching.

Please visit the information listed below, that should help fill in some of the blanks as well as helping you know what to do. If you do have any questions or need further information please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you!

Mike Munch – KSC Director of Coaching

Mike Munch

Mike Munch

Director of Coaching

Phone: 308-708-1260

For more info and to register please click on the image

Player Age Chart

Player Birth Year 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000
Player Age Group U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18 U19

To be placed on or considered for a 2018 select team (U11-14).

1.  All players (returning & new) MUST complete the Player Information Form posted below - prior to June 12 for U11-U12 players and prior to June 25 for U13-14 players.  Players will not be placed on a team or allowed to participate until that form has been completed.

2.  Players may try out or be considered for the team in their age group and may try out or be considered for any team in an age group older than that of their age group. Players may NOT try out or be considered for any team in an age group younger than that of their age group.   

3.  Player's age must meet the minimum age group listed (U11).  Players who are younger than U11 age are NOT eligible to try out or be considered for a select team.

*Please complete the form by the following date:

Under 11, 12 - June 12
Under 13, 14 - June 25

U11-U14 ID Clinic & Tryout Dates & Times - All Events at Baldwin Park

Age Group Team/Program Birthyear Coach Event Date Time
U11 Boys KSC '08 Boys Academy 2008 TBD Info Meeting - June 11th 7:00pm
U12 Boys KSC '07 Boys Academy 2007 Jon Garner 7:00pm
U13 Boys KSC '06 Boys 2006 Tristan Crook Tryout - June 26* 7:00pm
U14 Boys KSC '05 Boys 2005 Scott Kralik Tryout - June 27* 7:00pm
U11 Girls KSC '08 Girls Academy 2008 TBD Info Meeting - June 11th 7:00pm
U12 Girls KSC '07 Girls Academy 2007 Jon Haussler 7:00pm
U13 Girls KSC '06 Girls 2006 TBD Tryout - June 26* 5:30pm
U14 Girls KSC '05 Girls 2005 Troy Kluthe Tryout - June 27* 5:30pm

*if needed.  If there are no new players registered to attend the tryout, the tryout will not be held.

U11 and U12 Boys & Girls

At the Under 11 and Under 12 levels we will be utilizing an academy system for all players.  All players in each gender/age group will be place under the direction of a Head Coach and staff of assistants.  For league games and tournaments players will be placed on teams based on ability and availability.  Where we have sufficient numbers we will field two teams.  If our number is too great for one team yet not enough for two teams we will "rotate" our rosters in order to give all players a fair number of events in which to participate.  When there are numbers enough for two teams, player placement will be decided upon by the Director of Coaching with input from the Head Coach.

U13 and U14 Boys & Girls

Under 13 & 14 programs will be single team age teams.  The maximum number of players that will be placed on the active roster is 18.  Those 18 players will be chosen by the Director of Coaching in consultation with the Head Coach.  If there are more than 18 players wishing to play for this team, those additional players will be offer spots as practice players.  Practice players may be added to the active roster in the absence of an active player - as needed and determined by the Head Coach - in consultation with the Director of Coaching.

Nebraska Select (Girls) & Nebraska United (Boys) U15-U19

For information on Nebraska Select (Girls U15-U19) and Nebraska United (Boys U15-U19) team placement/tryouts please click the link below.

Nebraska Select & United Team Information