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2019 U16 Kearney Invite champions

2018 U17 Rushmore Cup champions

Mike Munch

Mike Munch

Director - Nebraska United

Phone: (308) 708-1260

Nate Mishou

Head Coach - Nebraska United

Phone: 308-293-9304

Rachelle Bryant

Treasurer - Nebraska United

Phone: 308-238-1646

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The purpose of Nebraska United is to provide consistent year round high level training and competition for high school aged boys in central Nebraska.  Our goal is to enhance and promote the sport of soccer for boys of all ages.

As a Kearney Soccer Club program Nebraska United Boys Soccer Club will make every effort to accept any interested Kearney-based player regardless of skill level or physical ability.   Foremost importance in a Kearney-based player’s ability to join the program is the player’s ability to participate and commit to the program’s listed schedule and financial requirements.

In addition to the Kearney-based player, Nebraska United is open to male soccer players who live within a driving distance of Kearney, Nebraska.  This includes but is not limited to players from the following communities: North Platte, Lexington, Holdrege, Hastings and Grand Island.  Any player with a desire to compete and improve will be considered for a place in the program.  Out of town players must meet a minimum level of talent and ability to be considered for Nebraska United.  Interested out of town players will be evaluated in high school competitions, through a tryout process or through a recommendation.  But it is very important that an interested out of town player MUST contact Nebraska United of their interest (or complete the online forms) so that they may be evaluated.

All Players will need to meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Currently be in grade 9 or above.
  • Have a birthdate of a U15-U19 age player.
  • Come from a community that does not offer soccer for their respective age group. (ex – U14 aged players)

Nebraska United is a COMPETITIVE soccer program.  Our program has two primary goals: 

           1.   To continue the development of all our players, both in training and in competitions, against
                  the highest level of competition that we can find. 

            2.   To provide opportunities for our players to showcase their talents and abilities for college exposure.

It is important to be able to give our players quality playing time in those competitions in order to best maximize that development.  Every effort will be made to give each player quality playing time in each game played. There is no guarantee amount of playing time per event.  While player development is our number one goal, we do acknowledge that learning to be successful and achieving success on the field is an important part of a player’s development.  In events where there is a championship or final, our goal is to win that event. 

When a player decides to participate with Nebraska United they will be presented with a listing of available events for that particular season.  Players will then choose those events in which they wish to play.  Usually there are a minimum number of local events required to be able to participate in each season.  Occasionally there will be special events (Showcase events) in which the club chooses who is eligible to participate.  Those events are identified at the beginning of each season.

In most local events that we participate we will form our teams based on age.  In some cases we may choose to base our teams on ability (Showcase events.)  In general we start with a pool of players for each local event – based on those who choose to play that particular event.  We then divide those that are participating into logical age appropriate teams.  We may have a U16 and U18 team competing in a local event, other times we may have a U15 and a U17 team participating.  Rosters and teams change from event to event.

There will also be opportunities for advanced play based on ability rather than age.  As mentioned previously, we call those events Showcase events and the club chooses the number of teams and roster for those events.

In addition to our summer season Nebraska United will field teams in the Nebraska State Soccer League each fall.  We will also offer fall tournament play - prior to, during and after the state league season.  Because of fall high school activities we limit our schedule to Sunday events as much as possible.  We do this in order to allow (and encourage) dual participation on HS and club teams.

There is NO requirement that players have to participate in both summer and fall seasons.  We look at the seasons independently.