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Mike Munch

Mike Munch

Director of Coaching

Phone: 308-708-1260

A proud sponsor of Nebraska Select

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To provide consistent high level training and competition for high school aged girls in central Nebraska.  To enhance and promote the sport for girls of all ages.


The Nebraska Select Girls Soccer Club will make every effort to accept any interested player regardless of skill level or physical ability.   Foremost importance will be placed on the ability to participate in our schedule and level of commitment to that schedule.

Nebraska Select is a COMPETITIVE soccer program.  Our program has two primary goals: 

First, the continued development of all our players, both in training and in competitions, against the highest level of competition that we can find. Second, to provide opportunities for our players to showcase their talents for college exposure.

It is important to be able to give our players quality time in those competitions in order to best maximize that development.  Every effort will be made to give each player a minimum of 50% playing time in each game played, BUT that is not a guarantee.  While player development is our number one goal, we do acknowledge that learning to be successful and achieving success on the field is an important part of a player’s development.  In events where there is a championship or final, our goal is to win that event. 


Spring-Summer - Typical play begins at the conclusion of the Nebraska high school soccer season in mid to late May. Participation includes a number (2-4) of summer tournaments - almost all events are local or regional in nature.  Mid May through July 1, selected events in July.

Fall - We normally field 3-4 teams in the Nebraska League - which operates from late August thru November. Typically we attend 1-2 tournaments prior to the beginning of league play and our younger teams will participate in 1 event after the conclusion of state league.  Because of fall high school activities we limit our league schedule to Sunday games, and we limit our practices to optional status.  We do this in order to allow dual participation on HS and club teams.


The number and makeup of our teams depend upon the number of participants that we have at any point of the year. We utilize both a traditional type of team makeup where players are placed according to their birth year and we also utilize an academy style where we place players on teams for certain events based on their ability regardless of age.  When we do use the academy style of makeup we identify those teams with the "Red" designation - such as Nebraska Select U18 Red.