Below is a list of links and documents that will serve as resources to help you with the college search/recruiting process.  There are a number of other resources that you should not neglect.  Your high school counselor should be number one on that list.

One of the first things that you should understand as a prospective college recruit is that you have to be proactive in the recruiting process. In being proactive, you should first become familiar with the following:

1. You must make sure that you are following the correct curriculum and taking the correct classes in order to be eligible to participate as a freshman student-athlete in college.

2. You should know the GPA and Test Score requirements to be eligible as a college freshman.

3. You should register with the NCAA and/or NAIA Initial Eligibility Centers.

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Guide for the Student Bound Athlete

NAIA Eligibility Center

NAIA Guide for the Student Bound Athlete


Spend some time with the College Overview document, it will provide some basic chronological information and where to start the process.  Creating a player profile should be one of the first items to complete.  Soon thereafter, you should start planning to communicate with the colleges/coaches on your initial list of interest.

College Recruiting - An Overview 


Contacting a Coach/School


Player Profile Template


NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendar


NCAA Division II Recruiting Calendar




Recruiting Myths  


NEXTSTEPU  A perspective on athletic recruiting from a non-athletic publication.


NCSA   A Recruiting Service


Hudl  A video/analytical service

The Sport Source   A recruiting guide and service

Regional Soccer Conferences